- 2017 -

series of fourteen drawings

32 x 24 cm each

carbon on paper

HILL is a series of drawings based on a page from the manuscript of Ludwig Wittgenstein's 'Lecture on Ethics' (1929). This page I found among Wittgenstein's handwritten notes for his lecture, and is quite mysterious - the word 'hill' appears, shapes and hasty sketches partly overlap, something urgent is suggested (but what).

In each of the drawings I copied a specific element from the original page, for example only all the horizontal lines, or all the curved shapes. I intended to distill every possible way of presenting 'hill'.

Other motifs started to show up in the process. In one drawing a little helicopter hovers above many more and even smaller helicopters. A fish was caught, surrounded by water.

Included in the series is also a drawing in which every element from the original page is copied.

Some of the motifs have found their way into other works that I made. For example in the POLYPHONIC VASE number 3 - which can be viewed here.